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Video: Napoleon Bonaparte - Road To Moscow. 1/6

  • Sinopsis de Napoleon Bonaparte - Road To Moscow. 1/6:

    1812 Napoleon's Road to Moscow is a powerful record of one of history's greatest military disasters. Featuring dramatized reconstructions, stunning period imagery and the latest 3-D computer graphics, the program follows the dramatic course of events, including the Battle Of Bordino and the cruel 'Retreat From Moscow' which claimed over half a million lives. The program also draws extensively on spectacular scenes from the Oscar-winning Russian film War and Peace. Titles in The Campaigns of Napoleon series Volume 1 include: D7004 1805 The Battle of Austerlitz D7005 Napoleon's Road to Moscow D7006 1815 The Battle of Waterloo Cast & Crew Narrated by Robert Powell. Featuring commentary and analysis by Dr. David Chandler, former Head of War Studies at Sandhurst and author of "The Campaigns of Napoleon." A decent but low budget documentary. The Company ad info is below. http://www.kultur.com/1812-Napoleon-s-Road-To-Moscow-p/d7005.htm
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